[NFIMR] Home Interview Option?

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What about an e-mail instead?

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	It's true that getting a home interview is a problem for a
variety of reasons.  But a face-to-face meeting is so much better than
any written reply.  And anyone that has tried to do a survey knows that
a ten percent response is considered a success - soooo, depending on the
number of responses you might hope for, take ten percent of that and
decide if it will be worth the extra work involved.  If you do decide to
go ahead with a written document, make sure that the reading level of
the questions is easy enough for your typical respondent.


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	I am new to this list serve and fairly new to the FIMR process.
We have had a few times already when parents do not want to participate
in the home interview for one reason or another.  This makes getting a
complete picture very difficult and challenges the case review
discussion.  When I explained this to our CRT, one of them made the
suggestion that we possibly offer parents who refuse the home interview
the option of completing the home interview questions on paper (of
course the questions would be adapted appropriately) for the "greater
good" and returning it to us in the mail.  I am curious what others of
you, who have been with the process longer, think of this suggestion.
Thank you for any feedback you can provide.



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